//bike beyond//day sixty-five

August 7, 2017
Start: South Lake Tahoe, CA
End: Placerville, CA
Mileage: 64.6
week ten//day sixty-five
route 50 is a bad idea. @meaganeli@wall_e_vision and i are climbing Echo Summit when @ambrau @silvimichelle pull over to tell us what’s ahead: more curves on this tiny mountain road && a lot of traffic moving too quickly. @meaganelihops in the van while @wall_e_vision and i continue on. this doesn’t feel safe
i’m leading us on the descent into Kyburz, the designated meeting spot, when an 18 wheeler drives in front of me, cuts the bend in the road too close and touches my left shoulder. it pushes me toward a wall of boulders. overreacting could be a fatal mistake. i hear @cherylpepper35 in my head, advice from the gravel of the east coast: steady your front wheel adn the back will follow
i hold my wheel steady. to the right, feel the boulders on my thigh, then just back to the left, follow the bends in the road. it’s over in seconds. feather my brakes, continue descending quickly. i hum the grateful dead’s I Will Take You Home to myself. my father’s lullaby, picked for me, sang hundreds of time
we stop in Kyburz and get an update that a logging truck nearly tipped over into the boys’ ride group and there was another car that nearly hit @pepperabby@cherylpepper35 group. we van shuttle to Placerville and the gym we’re supposed to sleep in
i head to the locker room && burst into tears as soon as the water hits me. that truck could have shattered my body into thousands of tiny pieces on the road. here one second, gone the next. i remember a winter night in NYC, i woke up groggily covered in sweat, test my blood sugar: 16 mg/dL. i crawled to the kitchen, willed the fridge open, crying and sipping apple juice, crying and sipping
here one second, gone the next.
the Hinds family rescues me. Faith, Lilah, Mabel, @dor03hinds @dallashinds . their kindness, their laughter, their spirit, their generosity, their excitement. i feel i’ve been taken home here


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