//bike beyond//day sixty-six


August 8, 2017
Start: Placerville, California
End: Sacramento, California
Mileage: 58
week ten//day sixty-six
i was up through the night while someone’s @dexcom receiver pinged away in their duffel bag. i’m putting my own duffel back together when Lilah @dor03hinds@hjoycook @dallashinds arrive at 5am to make breakfast for us
at dinner I let Faith pick out my pizza and tell me about her hiking in preparation for Mount Whitney. i told her about hiking with my dad && spending my 25th birthday on the summit of Mount Langley. @dor03hinds hands me the best post it note from Faith this morning; she wants to be pen pals 💖😭
Lilah helps me with my carb counts && i do my bolus-math out loud so she knows we all have the same process for with food. when i go back for more yogurt she asks if i gave more insulin 🙌🏻
@helenmephamt1d @perriwinkle33@sid_t1d @wall_e_vision and i decide we’re stopping for every snack and photo-op we want since it’s a short ride day away from cars. juice stops and coffee stops, there are plenty of low stops along the way. @meaganeli @ryanmichaeldunn deck the lunch van out in happy face stickers && balloons before they bring @innout for a lunch stop under the bridge. while we’re waiting for the van i cycle down to the homeless encampment to say hi
our ride group has exactly one million flats. @sid_t1d was talking to my dad recently about his bike trip and learned that since he was the mechanic of the group he changed every single flat. @sid_t1d takes it upon himself to change most of today’s
when we make it to the rv park campsite i grab a tent to share with @ambrau before hopping into the pool with @perriwinkle33@sid_t1d @wall_e_vision . we spend time floating with a nice family in the pool who bond with us over hypothyroidism and diabetes
we welcome back @silvimichelle brother stephen and his wife jodi before downtown for dinner. i take a solo walk to the capital building as the sun sets && thank my lucky stars i’m back in california


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