//bike beyond//day sixty-five

August 6, 2017
Start: South Lake Tahoe, California
End: South Lake Tahoe, California
Mileage: our leggies get to rest
week ten//day sixty-four
@jmoneyflip @richardbiven are up early and heading back to the start of yesterday’s climb so @jmoneyflip can give it a shot. i’m up early with them and off to the local diner with clancy for breakfast. it’s our planning meeting for my post-bike beyond life: i’ll spend two weeks with my folks in orange county before heading back north, just south of where we sit now, to move into a tent in the woods where i can hike and write to me hearts desire until the campground shuts down for winter. we take off toward @castateparks_emeraldbay, a place i haven’t been since @toonrobinson wedding eight years ago
we spot @sierrasandison @meaganeli@ryanmichaeldunn @sid_t1d out doing chores and i’m blown away that @ryanmichaeldunn is up and moving, let alone out doing errands. the house is empties quickly when i get back from our drive around the lake. it’s just me in this gorgeous house on the lake, switching between dips in the cool canal and sunbathing on the deck. my teammates start filtering in from their errands, sightseeing and lunch dates. @ambrau@perriwinkle33 @jesse.lavine_t1d@swainy48 @sid_t1d and i jump into the hot tub and onto the phone with @staceysimms for the final installment of bike beyond updates on the Diabetes Connections podcast
@thebetes arrives back from Peru to spend our last few days on the road with us. it’s a party when the pizza shows up, we start grabbing beers && dancing breaks out. during our team meeting @thebetes lets a few people fly the drone before it’s lost in the trees #anotheronebitesthedust
the conversation i overhear is about tomorrow’s route. we have two options: a 65-mile route on highway 50 or an 80-mile route off of it. @ryanmichaeldunn ER staff told mel we shouldn’t ride highway 50 && we ignore that


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