//bike beyond//post-ride

August 13, 2017 Start: San Francisco, CA End: San Francisco, CA Mileage: the vans move to the dumpster && back . . post-ride// . before we’re officially done with bike beyond we have to clean the vans && hand them over to @beyondtype1 . @perriwinkle33 @wall_e_vision and i add @silvimichelle @jesse.lavine_t1d@jmoneyflip to the early morning [...]

//bike beyond//day seventy

August 12, 2017 Start: San Francisco, CA End: San Francisco, CA Mileage: our leggies dance up a storm . . week ten//day seventy . @slucasdesigns @dal62 have us to their lovely house for brunch in the backyard with their family while we film our exit interviews with @thebetes . it’s a powerful moment for us [...]

//bike beyond//day sixty-nine

August 11, 2017 Start: Napa, CA End: San Francisco, CA Mileage: 72.3 . . week ten//day sixty-nine . @ambrau reads a wonderful letter from @stephencook95 , our baby angel intern and friend, to us at our denny’s team breakfast before we hit he road . the route gives us a taste of everything: gravel, potholes, [...]

//bike beyond//day sixty-eight

August 10, 2017 Start: Napa, CA End: Napa, CA Mileage: our leggies walk around with @nickjonas . . week ten//day sixty-eight . @kelseykaneandy @willscarlet take me out for breakfast before they hit the long road back home and away. in four days they’ll get on a plane to the phillipines for their year abroad. i [...]

//bike beyond//day sixty-seven

August 9, 2017 Start: Sacramento, CA End: Napa, CA Mileage: 63.2 . . week ten//day sixty-seven . @perriwinkle33 @wall_e_vision and i add a new team name: team bunny bashers. we’re on a bike path, riding super fast when a bunny comes OUTOFNOWHERE and runs right into our bike tires. it hops away, but @perriwinkle33 screams [...]

//bike beyond//day sixty-six

August 8, 2017 Start: Placerville, California End: Sacramento, California Mileage: 58 . . week ten//day sixty-six . i was up through the night while someone’s @dexcom receiver pinged away in their duffel bag. i’m putting my own duffel back together when Lilah @dor03hinds@hjoycook @dallashinds arrive at 5am to make breakfast for us . at dinner [...]

//bike beyond//day sixty-five

August 7, 2017 Start: South Lake Tahoe, CA End: Placerville, CA Mileage: 64.6 . . week ten//day sixty-five . route 50 is a bad idea. @meaganeli@wall_e_vision and i are climbing Echo Summit when @ambrau @silvimichelle pull over to tell us what's ahead: more curves on this tiny mountain road && a lot of traffic moving [...]