//bike beyond//day sixty-one

August 3, 2017 Start: Austin, Nevada End: Fallon, Nevada Mileage: 110 . . week nine//day sixty-one . those couple days off the bike didn’t help my glycogen stores the way i hoped. i was up last night doing one of the things i hate most: exhausted, so weak i can barely move, surrounded by sleeping [...]


//bike beyond//day sixty

August 2, 2017 Start: Eureka, NV End: Austin, NV Mileage: 69.8 . . week nine//day sixty . team nevada world tour reunites for 70 hot but mellow miles. @wall_e_vision has become our de-facto lead on climbs since he has the bluetooth speaker hooked to his camelback. i sing along to @jimmyeatworldwhen i can and my [...]

//bike beyond//day fifty-eight

July 31, 2017 Start: Baker, Nevada End: Ely, Nevada Mileage: 67.8 . . week nine//day fifty-eight . @swainy48 and i are on trailer van duty && my legs are thankful for it. we take our off-bike crew for breakfast at @kerouacsnevada where i meet Rosie the hairless cat. i explain my theory on hairless cats: [...]

//bike beyond//day fifty-seven

July 30, 2017 Start: Milford, Utah End: Baker, Nevada Mileage: 89.4 . . week nine//day fifty-seven . today would have been her 91st birthday. pedaling out my emotions is the only way i'll get through this heartache. thank god for @jmoneyflip switching van days with me before I could even finish the ask . we [...]

//bike beyond//day fifty-six

July 29, 2017 Start: Antimony, Utah End: Milford, Utah Mileage: 104.2 . . week eight//day fifty-six . i’m taking the good energy from last night’s team meeting into today. i say good morning and give hugs to every teammate i pass before @perriwinkle33 @silvimichelle @swainy48 @wall_e_vision and i take off. the climbs are mellow as [...]

//bike beyond//day fifty-three

July 26, 2017 Start: Moab, UT End: Green River, UT Mileage: 47.8 . . week eight//day fifty-three . @elliotgatt @ryanmichaeldunn and i wait for the team meeting at breakfast and it doesn't happen...or no one tells's back to weird team dynamics, greeeat. we decide NOPENAH NOT DOING IT and set our sights on having [...]

//bike beyond//day fifty-two

July 25, 2017 Start: Moab, UT End: Moab, UT Mileage: our leggies get a rest . . week eight//day fifty-two . the plan to shoot headshots with @thebetes @johnshotme @joshrauls was scraped because of today’s storm && i couldn’t be happier. @richardbiven parents treat us all to breakfast at Eklecticafe && then @perriwinkle33 @wall_e_vision and [...]