//bike beyond//day sixty-five

August 6, 2017 Start: South Lake Tahoe, California End: South Lake Tahoe, California Mileage: our leggies get to rest . . week ten//day sixty-four . @jmoneyflip @richardbiven are up early and heading back to the start of yesterday’s climb so @jmoneyflip can give it a shot. i’m up early with them and off to the [...]


//bike beyond//day sixty-three

August 5, 2017 Start: Carson City, Nevada End: South Lake Tahoe, California Mileage: 33.1 . . week nine//day sixty-three . i ignored the rain in the night && tucked deeper into my sleeping bag, so did @jesse.lavine_t1d . we worm out into the light && laugh at each other before we hear @sierrasandison in the [...]

//bike beyond//day sixty-one

August 3, 2017 Start: Austin, Nevada End: Fallon, Nevada Mileage: 110 . . week nine//day sixty-one . those couple days off the bike didn’t help my glycogen stores the way i hoped. i was up last night doing one of the things i hate most: exhausted, so weak i can barely move, surrounded by sleeping [...]

//bike beyond//day sixty

August 2, 2017 Start: Eureka, NV End: Austin, NV Mileage: 69.8 . . week nine//day sixty . team nevada world tour reunites for 70 hot but mellow miles. @wall_e_vision has become our de-facto lead on climbs since he has the bluetooth speaker hooked to his camelback. i sing along to @jimmyeatworldwhen i can and my [...]

//bike beyond//day fifty-eight

July 31, 2017 Start: Baker, Nevada End: Ely, Nevada Mileage: 67.8 . . week nine//day fifty-eight . @swainy48 and i are on trailer van duty && my legs are thankful for it. we take our off-bike crew for breakfast at @kerouacsnevada where i meet Rosie the hairless cat. i explain my theory on hairless cats: [...]