//bike beyond//post-ride

11_00_san francisco

August 13, 2017
Start: San Francisco, CA
End: San Francisco, CA
Mileage: the vans move to the dumpster && back
before we’re officially done with bike beyond we have to clean the vans && hand them over to @beyondtype1 . @perriwinkle33 @wall_e_vision and i add @silvimichelle @jesse.lavine_t1d@jmoneyflip to the early morning crew && we head off to fill our bellies at the diner donning the sticker mustaches my mom mailed everyone way back in topeka, kansas
we sweat nearly to death going through the stuff in the vans. every box, bin and cupholder scavenged for take homes, throw aways and returns. we all make out with a healthy helping of @honeystingerand @genucan , but i make out with brand new camping gear, a colorado t-shirt and socks that i later find out belong to @ryanmichaeldunn . it takes hours and hours to get through everything, clean the vans and then re-pack the lunch van with items for @beyondtype1 . i ask them to donate the remaining food and sunscreen to a local shelter
@meaganeli @sierrasandison@ryanmichaeldunn stop in to help && the teary goodbyes start. the crew heads out to the bike shop to have their bikes packed and shipped home. we give big giant hugs and i cry as i watch them leaving out the window. the tears are small at first, but the sobbing starts as soon as the beyond mobile pulls away. our wild, magic, trying, wonderful, life changing journey is over
i grab my backpack, my low snacks, my bike, pack them into the car && head off toward two weeks in orange county, two months in the eastern sierra && no home, job or plan past that


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