//bike beyond//day sixty-nine

10_69_san francisco

August 11, 2017
Start: Napa, CA
End: San Francisco, CA
Mileage: 72.3
week ten//day sixty-nine
@ambrau reads a wonderful letter from @stephencook95 , our baby angel intern and friend, to us at our denny’s team breakfast before we hit he road
the route gives us a taste of everything: gravel, potholes, giant climbs, country roads, city traffic, smooth pavement. it’s a perfect ride to end on, a reminder of everywhere we’ve been
our people are out to support us today: my parents meet us at water stop 01, @will.deheeger and Asher join @danahowein the van and @ronpepmtb drives by right as @pepperabby get a flat and fixes it for us. we’re out to support each other too: @cherylpepper35 removes the stitches from @ryanmichaeldunn chin && we dance circle to every song we’ve loved this summer
over the bridge and into the water is electric. friends ahead of me, friends behind me, we really did it. our stop//start peloton reaches our screaming friends and family on the beach where i cry into my dad’s shoulder. despite this stupid disease that changed both our lives forever i’ve followed in his footsteps
@suz.robinson @patrickrobinson_@ciarasoreilly @927quilt @wolfwoman1@makaluhh @worriedaboutbees @hundme@greenkat88 @kathstrazz cheer us on as we dip our tires in the bay && later when @jesse.lavine_t1d @ryanmichaeldunn and i dip our bodies in the bay too. we take our families to a bar nearby && cheers to a wild, wild summer 🥂


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