//bike beyond//day seventy

10_70_san francisco
August 12, 2017
Start: San Francisco, CA
End: San Francisco, CA
Mileage: our leggies dance up a storm
week ten//day seventy
@slucasdesigns @dal62 have us to their lovely house for brunch in the backyard with their family while we film our exit interviews with @thebetes . it’s a powerful moment for us to be together off our bikes having just completed the incredible. all of us here, bodies whole and hearts healthy with love for one another the magnitude sets in. we all knew we were riding for ourselves and our families, we knew we were riding to show T1Ds across the world that they’re capable of anything. what i realize with @meaganeliwords is that we were also riding to honor the lives and families of the T1D friends we no longer have
i grab my leather jacket and switch into the nashville flats, my ankle too tender to wear heels. i knock on @ambrau door for eyeshadow, i’m really there for one last little moment with my partner in bike beyond crime before this thing comes to an end. my family and friends are there when we get to @gopro headquarters for our wrap party: drinks in hand, dancing shoes on, ready to shower each of my teammates with love and congratulations. @melb7 brings porter and liliana to the party && @ciarasoreilly@makaluhh @worriedaboutbees @patrickrobinson_ and i show them our best dance moves
i only get through half a beer before @sid_t1d and i head to the hallway to cobble a speech together. i take up most of our time with nonsense before @sid_t1d finally gets the mic to compliment each of our teammates for their tenacity && willingness to do the impossible
we spend this final night of our ride the same way we spent our pre-kickoff night in NYC: in the hotel conference room, sprawled out on the ground, surrounded by bikes and boxes of supplies. we pass around bottles of wine && cheer when the pizza delivery man arrives


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