//bike beyond//day sixty-eight


August 10, 2017
Start: Napa, CA
End: Napa, CA
Mileage: our leggies walk around with @nickjonas .
week ten//day sixty-eight
@kelseykaneandy @willscarlet take me out for breakfast before they hit the long road back home and away. in four days they’ll get on a plane to the phillipines for their year abroad. i hold @kelseykaneandy close and cry, overwhelmed to say hello and then goodbye so quickly
my teammates are at the pool with our insulet sponsors as they film explanations of type 1 diabetes for the documentary. for the first time it hits me that i cycled across america WITH TYPE 1 DIABETES. i start to align with the ‘you’re all so strong’ ‘you’re all amazing’ we’ve been hearing across the country. we were cycling every mile while holding a monster’s hand
we sit down to lunch at @honigwine with @stephjhonig and her family where we share stories from the road. for me it’s the night 01 mini glucagon rescue dose @startyoursoul administered to harris. the same age as me at diagnosis, his parents the same ages my parents were, their moment of fear watching his blood sugar plummet. when the pedaling was hard i thought about the parents living for their children the way mine used to do for me. acting as organs, doctors, mathematicians, therapists, crisis manager
we give our thanks to @slucasdesigns@julietdebaubigny @nickjonas for believing enough to actually let us live this. i’m so thankful for this quiet afternoon with my teammates, to realize the gravity of what we’re nearly finished with. i’m thankful to drink wine with them && to wish out loud that @chefsamtalbot would surprise us and bring his fried chicken along
i take my nerves about tomorrow out to the trailer and start organizing. every box, every bin, just like i’ve done throughout the summer. @perriwinkle33 and i are getting new camping gear: stoves, cutting boards, knives and low snacks we never opened


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