//bike beyond//day sixty-seven


August 9, 2017
Start: Sacramento, CA
End: Napa, CA
Mileage: 63.2
week ten//day sixty-seven
@perriwinkle33 @wall_e_vision and i add a new team name: team bunny bashers. we’re on a bike path, riding super fast when a bunny comes OUTOFNOWHERE and runs right into our bike tires. it hops away, but @perriwinkle33 screams and my eyes bulge out of my head. we’re laughing about it as we stop on the @ucdaviscampus && i re-twist my ankle clipping out, WHYYY? there’s a cute little kids cycling camp that we cycle off campus with before we pass farms && avoid running over a truck full of abandoned tomatoes on the road
gary from insulet is riding with the team today && joins us at water stop 01. guest riders are a hard concept for me. sure, it’s fun to add new blood to the mix, but what we’ve seen with nearly everyone who tries to ride with us is that they can’t keep up. it’s hard to match pace and riding style with people who are riding day in and day out. he runs out of water and can’t keep up on the climbs through wine country. we leave him just off the road on a tree-lined driveway && send the van back to him
we nearly get hit by two cars descending to the school, but we make it in time to meet the @stephjhonig family && congressman thompson before the police escort us into town. pelotons with our team are a disaster, but @jesse.lavine_t1d and i ride side by side and laugh our butts off. @kelseykaneandy @willscarlet are at the hotel screaming for us outside with @silverh1224 @ladymar83 @shirleylavine@will.deheeger && my heart explodes
we head to @honigwine for our largest community event yet. we eat, drink and dance all night before Steve from @knowfoods surprises us all && buys our bikes. i guess i should stop tossing it around now that it’s really mine forever. @slucasdesigns @thomscher announce that we’ve raised over $200,000 dollars for cure research this one night alone, HOLYHELLYEAH!


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