//bike beyond//day sixty-three


August 5, 2017
Start: Carson City, Nevada
End: South Lake Tahoe, California
Mileage: 33.1
week nine//day sixty-three
i ignored the rain in the night && tucked deeper into my sleeping bag, so did @jesse.lavine_t1d . we worm out into the light && laugh at each other before we hear @sierrasandison in the hammock
@elliotgatt @ryanmichaeldunn have more confidence in my climbing speed than i do, so i roll with them. we climb 2,600’ in just over 8 miles to the top of daggett pass. i scream cheers for @elliotgatt@ryanmichaeldunn as they crush it && i roll slowly, taking in the scenery. we’re hugging && dancing at the top when a family spots the van next to the summit sign. they point us out, lean to their T1D son and tell him that HE CAN DO ANYTHING
@elliotgatt leads the descent, @ryanmichaeldunn follows and i’m 10 seconds behind. i hear a screech && a yell before i see @ryanmichaeldunn on the ground. i stop carefully but quickly with @pepperabby and @cherylpepper35seconds behind me. i run to @ryanmichaeldunn : he caught the gravel, hit the guard rail and flew head first into the pull out. drops of blood but not pools, scratches but no bones sticking out, he’s confused but he communicates. we test his blood sugar and it’s rising from adrenaline, predictable for trauma. we get the van down && @wall_e_vision Mel take @ryanmichaeldunn to the ER
i don’t know what to say when we stop for coffee, my mind is racing && empty at the same time. we meet our teammates for lunch by the water && it relieves the worry. @sid_t1d drinks, @silvimichelle jokes, @jesse.lavine_t1d ignores my selfies, @meaganeli laughs. a woman stops to chat. she knew we would be here, she’s been following today’s stories
@stephencook95 surprises us at the giant airbnb. i grab a beer, a snack && hop into the lake. water, i’m finally back in california water. @ryanmichaeldunn comes home from the hospital, a few stitches and his perfect Mr. Dunn attitude. @elliotgatt@jesse.lavine_t1d @sid_t1d and i hug and kiss on him before he comes down in his hospital gown, beer in hand && gets on a paddleboard


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