//bike beyond//day sixty-two

09_62_carson city.JPG
August 4, 2017
Start: Fallon, Nevada
End: Carson City, Nevada
Mileage: 69.6
week nine//day sixty-two
baby angel @swainy48 cleaned out the coolers last night while i was at the grocery store so we can sleep in for a few extra minutes. daphne and the kids are back to feed us breakfast this morning && they send us away with plenty of extras for snacks
we leave to hit the road and meet the team, but the van keys are missing. after a half hour of panic and chaos they’re found in a pants pocket. we say LATALOVIES to the trailer van && grab lattes for ourselves. @swainy48 is wracking up his last lattes on my dime while he can. somehow we drive right by the team && have to circle back to set up water stop 01
@elliotgatt @jesse.lavine_t1d@ryanmichaeldunn @sid_t1d go topless for this ride: it’s blazing hot and they’re riding on fume-filled asphalt. we stop the van again at the top of a hard climb && @sid_t1d has taken a bad fall. he’s banged up and a little bloody but he keeps riding. this road is super packed with speeding cars && i’m nervous for everyone
@swainy48 and i stop to get ice at a gas station && clancy surprises us! i’ve been telling everyone about my plans after the ride: living in a trailer in the mountains. now my teammates finally get to meet the man making it happen! he hangs out with us at lunch on the grass in front of a casino. after a quick lunch for ourselves we try to track down the team on the route && instead find them all at @innout . @aoberski @jesse.lavine_t1d are crying for their california moment. as the native californian i take it upon myself to make fun of them
patti and her awesome family host us. she previously hosted @wall_e_vision on his @4kforcancer ride && she spoils us rotten. laundry, bike shop visits, tacos && a designated room for the people who snore


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